I have taken your class Web 2.0 last summer, one of the best most practical class I have ever taken!! I love the content, use it daily in my classroom, I present my wikispaces at all my grade levels. Thank you again,
                         -- Gabriella Skains, PK-8 music, Cleveland Schools

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“As a 5th grade teacher I found that most of my students were more proficient with a computer than I was, and I was concerned that I couldn’t keep up with the changes in technology. Then I found Mark Barnes’ “Paperless Classroom”. Mark has an innate ability to guide teachers into the world of technology, even those with little or no computer background. His patient and positive manner gave me the support I needed to incorporate blogs, podcasts and screencasting in my website. Now my students and their parents are the beneficiaries.

“Mark makes technology come alive for teachers in an easy to understand, precise, and professional way. He goes the extra mile to ensure understanding and shows teachers how to seamlessly incorporate standards-based activities into their classrooms. Mark will coach you to success in creating your own classroom website, so that students and parents always have access to homework and necessary materials. He knows what happens in education, because he is a teacher. He knows the issues facing teachers at all grade levels. Mark’s positive attitude will help you develop this new way of learning in your classroom and your teaching life will never be the same!”

                           -- Noralee A. Starr, Riverside Local School District

“Mark Barnes is doing a quality job creating and implementing The Paperless Classroom course series. He is helping to bring educators into the 21st century. These courses have increased my awareness of the available technologies “out there” for educators for any grade level.

“The website design and the embedded assortment of technology is very impressive. So impressive, in fact, that my principal asked me to present my web site to my coworkers. Then he sent the web site information on to our superintendent. The principal even asked me if I would be willing to do a presentation to the school board! That illustrates the meaning of “impressive.”

“Mark has created an opportunity for educators to bring some of the latest technology into the classroom. It is the new wave in education. It’s interesting, it’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s a great way to reach students.”

                              -- Janet Brand, Wellington High School

“I took The Paperless Classroom I and II online this summer with Mark Barnes. These two classes were, by far, my favorite professional development classes I have taken. I am far from being technology savvy, but I do enjoy learning new things with my computer, especially if they will help me in my classroom. Learning to build a website-an interactive website for my classroom was most rewarding.

"At first, I was worried about taking such a class online, but Mark quickly put my fears to rest. Mark was very patient, and answered all my questions quickly via email. Once I began the class, I found Mark’s directions clear and easy to follow. Step by step, I built my classroom website! Regardless of the grade you teach, this class will benefit you and your students. I truly believe the parents of my students will love the information they will receive when viewing my website!

“I encourage any of you tossing around the idea of taking this class to DO IT! Don’t wait! Mark’s professionalism and knowledge of technology made me feel as though I had a private tutor sitting with me while I worked on this class.”

                                 -- Laura Hixenbaugh

“Mark Barnes’ Paperless Classroom workshop and materials were beyond helpful. Mark is an excellent instructor who inspired the teachers at our school to reinvent their classrooms by making classroom website construction accessible to a variety of ability levels. I can’t wait to unveil the website with the new school year. Thanks Mark!”
                                – Nicholas Dorn, teacher Pepper Pike, OH

“I just finished the class called “The Paperless Classroom”. What a wonderful course! I soon realized that even though my computer knowledge was very limited, I could learn rapidly through Mark Barnes’ step-by-step online instruction and support. During this course, I was able to set up a classroom website for my primary special education class. I can alter the site activities and pages quickly at any time to cater to the individual needs of my students. I would recommend this course to any teacher!”

                                – Wendy Carson, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

“Mark Barnes has played a pivotal role in working out classroom usage scenarios for EditMe and has helped to shape EditMe’s product development to support these scenarios. He has helped many educators dive headfirst into the wiki world and acted as an advocate on behalf of EditMe’s educational customers. Finally, he’s a rare example of somebody who practices what he preaches, maintaining an active wiki for his own students while working out kinks and best practices to make his seminar content applicable in real classrooms.”

                                – Matt Wiseley, CEO EditMe.com

“I have found this to be the most beneficial class that I have taken in the last 3 years.”

                                – Sarah Meador, teacher Maple Heights, OH

“With a classroom website students don’t fall behind when absent. They can see exactly what they missed and in many cases complete the work at home with no additional help from the teacher.”

                                – Brindi Kandel, teacher Perry, OH

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