Referral Program

Find educators, send names, get paid!

Follow these simple steps. Yes, it's really this easy. 
  1. Find educators who need courses for license renewal or increased pay (almost all educators take courses yearly). Here's how you find them and what to say:
    1. Visit schools as a representative of The Paperless Classroom or Lake Erie College
    2. Ask administrators if you can deliver a 5-minute presentation at a faculty meeting or in a faculty lounge (Use the presentation, below, and linked here, to tell educators about our courses)
    3. Ask educators one simple, magic question: "Do you plan on taking any courses or professional development this year?" 
    4. Tell educators that The Paperless Classroom courses are all taught online by International education author/expert, Mark Barnes. 
    5. Tell educators that "our courses are all worth 3 semester hours through an accredited college." 
    6. Tell educators that "our courses are taught on course websites, with simple how-to video instruction from renowned digital learning expert, Mark Barnes. 
    7. Tell educators that "our courses are self-pacing, typically take only a few weeks to complete, but you have a 9-week window to complete any and all of them."
    8. Provide any educator you ever speak to with this web address: Memorize it, It's best to give people a card with the address on it! (Don't forget to get their name and school to email to us.)
    9. Say this to interested educators: "If you think you might enroll for one of our courses, just give me your name and school, so we can keep an eye out for your registration." No need to get any other contact info or commitment. No high-pressure selling necessary! Get people to the website, It will sell them and help them register.
    10. Tell educators how easy it is to register: they can complete an online form here or call the Lake Erie College number provided. 
  2. Email names of anyone who says they might or will enroll in a course to us at 
  3. Get paid when people register! Yes, it's this simple. Send us all names of people who say they will or even that they might take a The Paperless Classroom course. When we see a paid registration that matches a name you send, we will pay you $50 for every single one
    1. Send 100 names of people who seem interested in The Paperless Classroom. If just 10 people register for a course, we'll pay you $500. If 20 register, we'll pay you $1,000! Consider the power of this referral program. All you have to do is email names to us at!
    2. Collect your referral fee through PayPal. Every time we get a paid registration to any of our courses that matches a name you send, we'll immediately deposit $50 into your PayPal account (theres no waiting ever!).

More tips for success
  • Create a The Paperless Classroom business is great for this. Be sure it instructs people to register at 
  • Market yourself as a professional representative of The Paperless Classroom, online courses (don't forget business cards); Use this simple approach:
    • Go to schools
    • Try to present for the last 5 minutes of a faculty meeting
    • Use the slideshow above (it does the work for you); ask to use a projector and use this web page to present for 5 minutes or less
    • Sit in faculty lounges during lunch periods; share your card, talk about the courses (use the magic question: "Do you plan on taking any courses or professional development this year?") and, most important, GET NAMES of interested enrollees!
    • Use these dialogue slides to help you talk to educators.
    • Get an email list of teachers, and send them info or call them direct, but remember to get their names
    • Ask friends and family if they know teachers; then, get their contact info
    • Go to schools!
  • Don't forget to get names or educators (yes, we know we keep saying it, but it's the secret to your success in this referral program). Just handing out a card or flyer won't connect you to the person, and you won't get paid if they register!
  • Remember our website,
  • Know that every single educator is a potential course enrollee, as 98% of all educators take courses at some point yearly
  • Familiarize yourself with our courses--all linked at the top of this website. Know the names:
    • The Paperless Classroom (this course is about building a classroom website)
    • Plugged In (this course is about using Twitter in and out of the classroom)
    • Web Tools & Social Media for the K-12 Classroom (this course teaches a variety of powerful web tools and social networks for K-12 educators)
  • Know that since most schools nationwide are moving to digital learning strategies, all educators need the kind of training we offer
  • Be familiar with Mark Barnes and his work, so you can talk him up: Mark Barnes is an education brand--an international author and speaker, and this helps sell The Paperless Classroom courses
  • Start now! People can register for our courses immediately. Tell them, send us names, and get paid!
If you have questions or want to share your interest, Email us here

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